Practice Changing Passive Voice into Active Voice

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Identify and Change Passive Voice Sentences

Find the passive verbs in the following sentences. Change them to active voice.

Write your answer before comparing your sentences with the samples. When you are finished, close this window to return to your assignments page.

1. The report will be reviewed by the supervisor before it is sent to the manager.

2. Errors were found in the self-audit, but steps have been taken to correct them.

3. If you have questions, I can be reached at 712 288-1144.

4. The current status report has been attached, and I have highlighted the important figures.

5. Not before the survey responses have been collected and tabulated will it be possible to know the opinions of our employees.

6. If most of the opinions expressed by the survey respondents are negative, then more research may be needed before we can proceed with the project.

7. The recommended guidelines for replacing equipment should be followed.

8. According to the customer service representative, reshipment of these items will be considered when the customer's need is determined by the company.

9. The participants were welcomed by Joyce Carmen, and the keynote speaker was introduced by her.

10. Two serious omissions of income were discovered and corrected before the accounting records were reviewed by the auditor.

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